The First and Second Letters of Peter

Peter is probably the most famous of Jesus' disciples, and after Jesus' death he became a key figure in the early church, first with a predominantly Jewish mission (Acts 1-8), but later in Gentile areas too - and perhaps even in Rome itself. His two letters deal with incredibly important topics. The first is focussed on how to live in the sometimes hostile world of the Roman empire, and deals at length with the topic of suffering, trials and persecution. The second letter is written shortly before Peter's death, and is more in the form of a 'last will and testament'. It summarises the gospel message, and proceeds to show that Christ will return as he promised, and that the delay is an opportunity for repentance and preparation for that great day.

Q: Scholars say the two letters of Peter are quite different in style from one another. How come?

A: Answer coming soon!

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