1st and 2nd Samuel

1 and 2 Samuel cover a period of about 150 years from the birth of the last Judge Samuel through to the death of King David. 1 Samuel records the life of Samuel and the rise of Saul, the first king of Israel. His long reign, though marked with many successes against a persistent enemy, the Philistines, was ultimately a failure both politically and spiritually. As Saul declines, a young shepherd boy by the name of David comes to prominence. 1 Samuel concludes with a disastrous battle against the Philistines that resulted in the death of Saul and his three sons. 2 Samuel details the rise of David to the throne, his conquests, successes, and also his sins and failings. Despite David’s mistakes, at the end of his life the Kingdom is wealthy, secure, and stretches from present-day northern Iraq to the border with Egypt.

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