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The Bible Is Meant to Be Read—and Understood

The Bible isn't a book for the shelf or the museum; it's a book for reading - a book which offers massive insight into the human condition and into God and His plan. That's the conviction that lies behind this website.

Yet the Bible isn't an easy book. It's large; it was written a long time ago; and there are parts which can seem either irrelevant or just downright difficult to understand. Sometimes it can be useful to take a step back to see the big picture of how the whole Bible fits together and how it works. Sometimes it's great to have a bit of extra guidance about the background, meaning, and relevance of particular books of the Bible. That's what Bible Toolshed aims to provide.

What Bible Toolshed does

There are two main parts to the site. Nuts and Bolts tackles key questions about the Bible as a whole: How do we know it is the Word of God (if indeed it is)? When was it written, and how? How accurately has it been transmitted? Is it reliable? Is it relevant? How is it organised? What is its message?

Compass looks at the Bible book-by-book. For each Bible book there is a Compass page which deals with the background, purpose and message of the book in question, along with useful hints about key words and themes to look for, and the book's relevance for today. The aim is ultimately to have some brief video content for most of books, and also a downloadable pdf which provides much more detail on the subjects just described, questions of interpretation, and the like. We also include some common questions (and attempted answers!) about each of the books.

Who's behind Bible Toolshed?

Bible Toolshed was created by a small group of people (brief bios to the right) whose main qualification is that we're passionate about the Bible and its relevance, and that we've been Bible readers and Bible students most of our lives. We know each other through our involvement in the Christadelphian community, but we hope the site will provide useful Bible information for people of differing persuasions, whatever stage they may be at in their discovery of the Bible. If you want to know more about what Christadelphians believe, you might like to check out or

We thank God for His precious Word and the ability to read and to reason. Humbled by His gift, we are grateful for an opportunity to share as fellow Bible students.

Your input is welcomed

We want this site to be as useful a tool as possible and woud welcome your questions and suggestions for ways we can improve it.

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