The Letter to the Hebrews

The Letter to the Hebrews was written to show the uniqueness, the decisiveness, and the all-surpassing nature of God's revelation of Himself through His son the Lord Jesus. In the past God had worked through prophets, through Moses the Lawgiver, through angels, through a priesthood, through rituals of sacrifice and special feast days - but all of these were nothing in comparison to God's revelation of Hmself in Christ. In fact, their true significance was that they pointed forward to what God would do in Christ. By his obedience, his perfect life and sacrifice, and by his resurrection, Christ has become the cornerstone of God's purpose, the perfect manifestation of God Himself, and the means by which we can approach God with confidence and without fear. It is because Jesus was 'made like unto his brethren' (us!), and yet triumphed over sin and gave his life in sacrifice, that God has highly exalted and glorified him and made him the way by which all people who choose can return to fellowship with God.

Q: Hebrews examines how Jesus removed the need for a temple by fulfilling its spiritual purpose. Is this a reaction to the destruction of Herod’s temple in 70AD, or is it a prophetic anticipation of the event?

A: Here is the answer to question one.

Q: Why might this writer have chosen to remain anonymous, and does his/her identity matter?

A: Here is the answer to question two.

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