The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the New Testament gospels, and most scholars also consider it to be the earliest. Mark presents what we might call a 'bare bones' gospel: the essential facts about Jesus ministry and sacrifice with very little literary embellishment. The gospel is stripped down and fast-paced, and places particular emphasis on the healing miracles of Jesus. It also contains an amazing contrast between the Jesus who was so busy and active during his ministry, and the Jesus who passively resigned himself to sacrificial death.

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Q: Jesus seems never to rest in this gospel - he even rises early from the dead in Mark 16:9! Is it possible for the human body to sustain for at least 3 years the rigourous, unhealthy lifestyle described here but for Jesus still to remain capable of resisting temptation and teaching wisely?

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Q: The language of Mark is not particularly beautiful in a literary sense. Shouldn't the inspired word of God be more polished?

A: Answer coming soon!

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