According to the Bible, the wisdom of Solomon was utterly exceptional, a unique gift given to him by God. The book of Proverbs has made a sampling of that wisdom available to readers through the ages. Much of it is contained in practical pithy sayings which stand on their own and are crisp and memorable. Many of them don't seem to be anything to do with religion, but this makes the point that a spiritual life has to be worked out in the ordinary affairs of daily life. Wisdom has to be done. The spiritual foundation to the book is given in the first 9 chapters which do focus more explicitly on God and point out, on several occasions, that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The book opens with wisdom personified as a woman appealing to the passing crowds, and it closes with depiction of an idealised woman, the so-called 'virtuous woman', who may be a reprisal of the earlier wisdom-figure, the book opening and closing on a similar note.

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