The book of Psalms is for many readers a favourite Bible book. Why so? Because human beings are creatures of powerful emotional and spiritual potential and the psalms capture that emotion in some of the most eloquent and expressive language ever written. They tell not merely of what we are, what we go through, and what we ought to be - but also what it feels like at every step of the way. Through vivid imagery and metaphor they convey the triumphs and tragedies that believers will experience at some point or other during a life of faith. There are psalms of orientation which express idealism and conviction towards God, psalms of disorientation which describe how it hurts when faith clashes against bitter experience - and psalms of reorientation when with God's help fiath triumphs in adversity and life is put back together again. There are also psalms of vision and prophecy for the future, and many psalms which speak of the Lord Jesus Christ. The book of Psalms is a rich treasure store which has strengthened believers immeasurably in every age.

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