The Revelation of Jesus Christ (a.k.a. the Apocalypse)

The book of Revelation is unique in the Bible for its unrelenting emphasis on the coming kingdom of God, and the descriptions it provides of the events that intervene between the First Century and the return of Christ. It was a message given to John by Jesus himself to 'signify the things which must shortly come to pass', and it ends decisively with a description of the time when God will wipe away all tears, and by an appeal from John that God will send Jesus soon to fulfil that promise. This suggests that the book will have relevance both to the days when John wrote, to the days surrounding Christ's coming - and probably to the intervening time-span as well. While Bible students have differed about how all of the visions and symbolism are to be interpreted, the message that we should get ready for the immediacy of Christ's return is unmistakeable. More than that, we should be prepare to potentially face false teaching, opposing political and religious regimes and ideologies, and in many cases persecution also. But we should do so in the confidence that God is in control and will bring His plans to fruition in the earth through His son Jesus Christ.

Q: 1. How can we tell what is symbol and what is literal in this book?

A: Answer coming soon!

Q: 2. The letters that Jesus wrote to the churches are formulaic. How is this formula important?

A: Answer coming soon!

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