The book of Job deals with the question of human suffering. It tells the story of an exceptionally righteous man, Job, who suffers terrible tragedy and excruciating illness and is left to debate with his three 'friends' about the reason for his suffering. Finally, after much heated and emotionally harrowing dialogue and an interlude from f a new speaker, Elihu, God Himself 'answers' Job - paradoxically with a series of questions.

So why does Job suffer? The book deliberately deconstructs any simple conclusions that might be drawn about this. For instance, were we to think Job suffers because of the satan's challenge at the start of the book, we must explain why the satan then completely disappears and is never brought to recognise his error! If we think Job suffers because he has sinned in some way, then we must contend with the description of his righteousness and his status as an innocent sufferer. If we thin, that he suffers because he is righteous, then we have to face the fact that he repents at the end of the book...! And so on. There are no pat answers, only the certainty that God is Master and can be trusted to do what is right.

Q: Enter question one?

A: Here is the answer to question one.

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